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by: tom

Consider buying a r61e Thinkpad with only a trackpoint as a pointing device. Sitting there in the middle of the keyboard, will it be in the way? Will I always keep hitting it so that the pointer moves around the screen? Or produce clicks? Ok this may also happen with touchpads, but not so often? We'll see what I decide for. I guess I will most likely be hitting the trackpoint whenever I want to type a b. I'll be buying it from a web shop so I'll have two weeks to decide if I want to return it. I guess that is what I'll do.

created: 2008-11-20 13:56:02. Permalink
by: tom

Ok, after more than three months of extensive usage of this laptop, I can only say that I can't imagine life without a trackpoint. It really is a better pointing device. The first few days took some getting used to, and I needed to adjust the sensitivity and speed. But now I even prefer it to a mouse. And it is not in the way. I seldom inadvertently hit it while typing. Main advantages are that I can easily reach it while my fingers are still in "touch position", and moving the pointer large distances can be done in one movement, as opposed to touchpads.

created: 2009-03-11 16:27:04.

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