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The Nokia N900 reviewed.

by: tom

I've been using the N900 extensively for five days now. Initially there were stability issues, but they were fixed by the latest firmware upgrade. The screen is of plastic and easily scratched. Other than that this is a truly great device.

The screen is impressively clear with vivid colors, great for watching movies. The choice of resistive type of screen is actually a good idea, since it makes the use of a stylus possible. On such a small screen I often need to use it to push buttons, select text, etc. The keyboard is easy to use, and doesn't feel too small for my thumbs, and the shape of the keys makes it easy to type. The stereo speakers are impressive for such a small device. The Mozilla browser renders pages as good as on a PC. Flash works great as long as Adobe Flash 10 is not required. But there is no support for java.

I would certainly recommend this phone to any Linux enthusiast out there.

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